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When NOT to Measure Engagement ROI!

Sometimes, maybe most of the time, it doesn’t really make sense to measure engagement ROI.

Does that sound like a flip-flop? Well, don’t worry. We’re still as fanatic as ever about helping companies build the business case for engagement. It’s just that sometimes results measurement can’t or shouldn’t take the evaluation all the way to ROI.


I write about this at 1to1 Media’s Guest Blog. In short, you can gain a tremendous amount of insight that will fuel continuous improvement by measuring results at lower levels than ROI by using ROI Methodology™.

Make sure you check out 1to1 Media, a division of Pepper’s and Roger’s Group. You’ll find excellent content and great thought leadership by Don Peppers. I really enjoy hearing what he says and follow him on Twitter at .

You may also want to check out Pepper’s Unplugged, Live at The Motivation Show.


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