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Deja Vu, All Over Again

Rewind to 2008. The economy stumbles, confidence is rattled, anger flares and finger pointing begins in the meeting and event world. "Corporate extravagance! Waste! Boondoggle!" And leadership was left unable to defend their investment in people, unable to prove the ROI of meetings, incentives and events.

Fast forward to 2012. Things are looking up; attendees, flight loads, occupancy, spend, etc.  There is cautious optimism in the air - things appear to be coming back!

This time around, wouldn't it be nice to be prepared for the next cycle? If you could prove the value of your company's investment in people, could we prevent the manic cycle of boom and collapse we've experienced over the years. We believe the key to doing this is to measure the results of all your meetings and events. And in some cases, actually measure ROI.

Measurement is fundamentally a process improvement tool. Armed with the ability to prove value, though, it can effectively serve as a way to defend existing programs and justify future investment.

So, what are you doing to build the business case for your organization's investment in people? We would like to know.

Join us while we teach The why's and how's of measurement at our five day ROI Certification Course.


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ROI is a yardstick of success. Just keep doing on what you're supposed to do because the mechanics don't change - only the strategies are refreshed. When a strategy measures high on this 'yardstick', it can then be implemented. It might even cause the birth of a new policy.

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